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About Fern Topas Salka

Fern Salka, Los Angeles family law attorney
Fern Topas Salka
Certified Family Law Specialist*
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The Experience You Need

Ms. Salka is a Certified Family Law Specialist and fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. She is the former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Los Angeles County Bar and has taught and written extensively about mediation and other consensual dispute processes. She has been named SuperLawyer since its inception in 2004 by Los Angeles Magazine, an honor reflecting the respect of her peers, and is a founding member and current trustee of Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, an association formed to advance the practice of collaborative family law.

A Menu of Divorce Resolution Methods

With more than 45 years of experience as a family law attorney, Ms. Salka today favors dispute resolution options that avoid courtroom intervention. The menu of options she offers includes mediation, collaborative family law, coaching, limited representation, consulting, and negotiation. Remember, you have a choice when it comes to resolving your family law matter.

"Unbundled" Services for Greater Efficiency

Ms. Salka offers her clients an a la carte selection of services that reflect her breadth of experience in the legal profession. It's a modern approach to advocacy that benefits you, the client, in terms of value and individualized attention.

A Greater Sense of Control

With shared processes like mediation and collaborative law, clients gain a great sense of control over their lives because they are directly involved in the process.

The Best Way to Help the Children

Ms. Salka keeps the future of the family in the forefront. Her extensive legal experience and research indicate that children do the best when parents do not go to war.

A Focus on Long Term Goals

Ms. Salka helps her clients focus on the future while attending to the legal and financial needs of the present. She also offers extensive bibliographies, written materials, training and other forms of coaching in how to keep this focus while going through a difficult time.

A Proven Success Rate

Ms. Salka has an excellent track record for resolving family disputes in high-profile, high-asset and high-income celebrity cases as well as more modest cases. In each case, she emphasizes quick results and private, practical, and progressive solutions. She is straight-forward about what a client can reasonably expect and highly knowledgeable about and sensitive to child-related issues.

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