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  1. Mediation of family dissolutions with pro per or represented parties. Ms. Salka has served as a private mediator as well as a mediator for the courts for over 4 decades. She has mediated many high-profile and complex cases as well as more simple matters in a totally private setting. Mediation helps people settle disputes they are unable to resolve on their own, while still retaining control over their own lives and futures.

  2. Consulting lawyer to clients interested in or engaged in mediation. Ms. Salka's long experience as a practicing family lawyer, combined with her extensive toolbox of consensual dispute resolution skills, makes her an effective professional to support the mediation process. Ms. Salka also offers consulting services regarding stepfamilies.

  3. Collaborative legal services for divorces, custody and paternity matters, same sex dissolutions and modification of prior agreements. Collaborative family law is a hybrid concept. The parties are each represented but they and their counsel stipulate that the collaborative team will not litigate but, rather, work towards a mutually beneficial, mutually agreeable resolution with the assistance of corollary experts in child development, financial planning and the like. This works well even in cases where the acrimony is high, and it can greatly reduce exposure and the costs of appearing in a court setting and greatly benefit families. Ms. Salka is a founding member of the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association (LACFLA) and presently serves on its Board.

  4. Mediator or consulting counsel for premarital, cohabitation, postnuptial and same sex agreements. Ms. Salka prefers a collaborative model where both parties' needs and concerns are addressed and a joint document is written.

  5. Second opinions in cases where a party is at odds with or hesitant to accept the advice of his or her own counsel about entering into a settlement agreement. This is a benefit to counsel who are unable to move their own clients to resolution they believe is appropriate and to their benefit as well as to clients who need the assurance of a "second impartial look."

  6. "Unbundled" consulting services to those clients who cannot afford or do not wish full representation services and prefer to do their own divorces - but with assistance. In these cases, Ms.Salka may propose and review settlement options, run support schedules, and coach them for settlement discussions. Ms. Salka no longer makes court appearances.

  7. For those litigants and their attorneys who are already preparing for trial and want to make an attempt to remove themselves from the litigation track, Ms. Salka will act as an overall traditional settlement attorney or as an officer of the court in a voluntary settlement conference; she will work towards resolving single issues or entire matters. This option is for parties with seemingly intractable issues who are overwhelmed by the process and by fees which they cannot continue to incur. As an experienced litigator, and a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (now inactive), she will attempt to give information about their legal rights and the risks of going to court. In this way, she has managed to arrive at many cost-effective settlements.

  8. Case manager to determine the best vehicle for resolving each case, facilitate the hiring of appropriate legal, financial, psychological and other experts, and keep cases moving towards resolution. Of course, the earlier in the process Ms. Salka is brought into a case for this purpose, the better the likely result.

Definition of Mediation

Mediation is managed negotiation. It is a process in which a trained third party helps a couple in transition resolve their own disputes. It involves seeking a settlement designed and agreed upon by both parties, in a structured way that helps them maintain a civil relationship and avoid impasse.

Definition of Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a process in which everyone agrees to work together to create acceptable solutions that work well for both parties and their children. Each person has a lawyer but the lawyers are hired only to work on reaching a settlement not preparing for trial. If either person wants to litigate, both parties have to get new lawyers. In that way, everyone has the incentive to settle and the expert assistance to do so in an effective and healthy way. The collaborative team may also include coaches, financial consultants and child experts.

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